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Imagine: Fixing Your Foundation While Cooking Dinner!

Take a few minutes to enjoy this video of a guy attempting house leveling with his pier and beam foundation…while cooking chicken on the barbecue.  Note the sheet rock shims! This is NOT a recommended solution!



Water Leaks Under Your Slab

Checking your property for a slab leak, including water lines and sewer line is a critical first step in evaluation of foundation issues. HVAC ductwork can also be a source of water accumulation below your foundation.

There is no sense in proposing a foundation repair process until we identify what are the onsite factors that are causing the problems. Slab leaks and external drainage issues are among the most common problems that must be addressed.

At Foundation Repair Pros we include these basic checks in our free, no-obligation inspection.

Here is an excellent video by the Regional Water Providers Consortium showing you the process of slab leak detection:


Checking your sewer line for leaks with a static test is also a straightforward process as demonstrated by this service provider in Grand Prairie, TX:


As part of our foundation repair process, we bring in one of our partner companies to isolate and repair any plumbing leaks. Here is a good example of a slab leak repair provider in the Ft. Worth area:


Repair of plumbing leaks of this nature may be covered by your homeowners insurance. We can advise you on this process.

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Our veteran team of professional foundation repair experts will quickly diagnosis any slab leak problems and get you started on the path to a permanent, cost effective solution.






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