How to Tell You Need a Foundation Repair – Protect Your Home Value

Does Your Home Need Foundation Repair?

If your house’s foundation is starting to deteriorate, everything else is going to start to go wrong too. Here’s how to tell if you need a foundation repair.

The average homeowner spends between $17,154-$61,281 on home remodeling.

But while it’s easy to get lost in the glamorous world of interior design, foundation repair is a crucial home renovation project that, far too often, goes overlooked.

Forgetting to update the foundation of your home isn’t just dangerous – it can also seriously impact the value of your house. Especially if you’re trying to sell your home, or are even considering putting it on the market at some point, you need to consider foundation repair.

But how can you tell if your home’s foundation is in serious need of renovation?

At Foundation Repair Pros in San Antonio, we’re here to help show you some of the biggest warning signs that your home’s foundation is in need of a facelift – as soon as possible.

Doors And Windows

Most people wouldn’t think that doors and windows can be a sign that it’s time for a foundation repair, but believe it or not, they can tell you a lot about the state of your house.

If you notice that your doors seem to be staying shut and are getting increasingly difficult to open, it’s a sign that something’s up. The same thing goes with your windows. If you’re really struggling to get them open, it’s likely that your foundation has started to set.


This is a more obvious sign that you’re in need of foundation repair. However, be aware that both large and smaller, hairline cracks can indicate a problem. Keep your eye out for cracks on the inside of your walls (especially if you have drywall) and on your home’s exterior.

The cracks can be in a straight line or may appear in a more zig-zag-like pattern. Either way, it means it’s time to take action.

You Notice Gapping

Take a quick look at your ceiling. Do you notice any kind of space, or small gaps, between any molding you have and the ceiling itself?

If so – you guessed it – a shoddy foundation is likely to blame.

You may also start to see gaps not just between the walls and the ceiling, but also between the doors and molding, or your windows and molding.

To stay on top of cracks, we suggest that you do a quick visual inspection at least once a month – especially if you’re in an older or historic home.

Something’s Up With Your Floors

sagging floors san antonio tx

This one of the biggest giveaways that your home is in need of a foundation repair. Have you realized that your floors are actually sinking? What about the actual ground outside, around the foundation of the house?

You may even have noticed that your outdoor patio seems to be actively shifting away from your house!

In general, if your home’s floors have started to slope over one inch, about every 20 feet, there’s a huge problem.

If so, this is very close to an emergency situation. If you’ve noticed this, you need to call a repair service immediately.

Your Wallpaper Is Creasing

It’s not just painted walls that can give you a signal of a weak foundation. Your wallpaper can also give you some clues!

If you notice that it has begun to crease or wrinkle, it’s highly likely that there are issues. This is because, when your foundation begins to crumble, the walls of your home actively begin to shift. Over time, your wallpaper stretches and, eventually, may even rip.

Bent Walls In Your Basement

It makes sense that your basement would hold the clue to foundation problems.

To make sure everything is as it should be, you need to head down to your basement at least once a month to check things out.

Look for signs of sloping, bowing walls. This happens when the soil has become wet and has expanded.

This expanded soil then actively pushes against the foundation of your home. Then, once that soil has dried, it will shrink back, which can warp and bend walls very quickly.

Your Nails Are Coming Out Of The Walls

Finally, if you suspect foundation problems, have a look at the nails in the walls used to hang pictures.

If you notice that there are tiny circles and cracks and that the nails themselves seem to be pushing out of your wall (whether painted or wallpapered) there’s likely a problem.

While you wait to have your foundation repaired, we suggest removing as many hanging items as possible from your walls.

This won’t just help to keep your art safe, it will also make sure you stay safe!

What Happens If I Let Foundation Problems Go On Too Long?  

Look, let’s get one thing straight: foundation problems aren’t the kinds of things that are going to get any better if you just leave them alone.

In fact, the longer you ignore any foundation issues in your home, the more expensive and time-consuming your repair is going to be.

In addition to putting your home and family at risk, if you are putting a house with a bad foundation on the market and not being honest about it, you could open yourself up to serious lawsuits.

While selling a house with a poor foundation isn’t a dealbreaker to some buyers, if structural problems you didn’t disclose ahead of a sale are discovered, you’re in hot water.

Even if you think your foundation is fine, it’s always a good idea to have it periodically checked out by a professional to avoid any problems down the line.

Remember: for foundations, prevention is the best cure.

Where Can You Get Reliable, Fast Foundation Repair Services? 

Now that you know the warning signs of a damaged and cracked foundation, you’re probably wondering who in San Antonio you can trust to repair it before things get even worse.

That’s where we come in.

If your home is in or around the San Antonio area, get in touch with Foundation Repair Pros right away to schedule an appointment. We even offer 100% guaranteed financing, so that no matter your current income level, you can get the repairs you need.

Every day that you don’t fix the foundation of your home, the damage only multiplies.

Together, let’s get your home back on track.

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