Foundation Repair Cost

If you have recently discovered that your home is in need of foundation repair, one of the main questions that you are probably asking yourself is,

“How much does foundation repair cost?”

cost of foundation repair

It’s perfectly understandable that you are concerned about the costs that are related to this critical repair project, but we can help. In fact, we can offer a detailed breakdown of the costs that are typically associated with this type of project, and we are even willing to reveal our tips and tricks for saving money on your foundation repair. Unlike other companies, we aren’t greedy, and we won’t try to talk you into services that you don’t need or can’t afford. Instead, we focus on providing real, permanent solutions at the most affordable rates possible.

First of all, let us start by saying that we take pride in the fact that in many cases, we find out that expensive foundation repairs really aren’t necessary. If there are simple and more affordable repair options for your situation, such as repairing a water leak or adding in a better water drainage system, we will suggest the best option for your needs.

There is a reason why we have a solid reputation for providing the most effective and affordable solutions to all sorts of home foundation repair problems. We don’t want you to spend more than you have to, so we will help you determine the most affordable yet most effective and permanent solution.

Our first step when arriving at your home is to use our thorough and effective foundation inspection process to determine how serious the problem is and what the cause might be. We will work hard until we pinpoint the exact cause for any foundation issues that your home might have, regardless of how large or small they might be.

foundation repair costWe will take measurements, examine your foundation damage and the surrounding area and ask questions to help us come to the most accurate possible conclusion. Then, we will begin developing a budget-friendly solution and repair proposal. Since our experienced and trained professionals are the best in the business, you can always count on us to both diagnose all of your foundation problems and come up with the most cost-effective and permanent solution.

What is the Cost of Foundation Repair in San Antonio?

Obviously, we can’t give you an accurate price quote on our website or over the phone. Our free, on-site inspection will be necessary for us to determine the source and severity of your issues and to come up with a repair plan and quote for your individual situation. However, by taking a look at a breakdown of the basic, common variables and an overall price range of component costs can give you a better idea of what to expect when you receive your quote.

Here are a few variables that we will need to look at:

-What is the square footage of your home?
-Is your house a one-story or two-story home?
-Does your home have a pier and beam foundation with a crawl space, or does it have a slab foundation?
-What is the underlying soil type like?
-What is the moisture level like under and around your home?
-Is there any evidence of settling or sagging?
-What is the condition of your water and sewer lines?
-Are there any cracks or imperfections around your windows, doors or chimney?
-Are there any noticeable cracks in your brickwork, sheetrock, walls or floors?
-Is there any wood rot or mold present? If so, what is the extent of this damage?
-Are there any issues with the water drainage around or under your home?
-Have there been any past repair efforts?

Once we have the answers to all of these questions, we can begin working on the right repair plan for your foundation. Please remember, however, that the costs that are associated with these variables do vary based on your home’s specific needs. For example, if piers are needed, the cost will depend partly on the number of piers that need to be installed. The type of piers that will need to be purchased, the equipment that must be used and the depth of excavation are a few other factors that will impact the cost of your project.

You also have to think about other repairs that might need to be made at the same time. For example, plumbing repairs may need to be made, or you might have to make changes for proper water drainage. Tree root barriers, the need for beam replacements and more can also have an effect on the pricing.

What is the Average Foundation Repair Cost?

First, let’s take a peek at the average foundation repair cost in several cities in Texas and around the country. These are sorted by average cost and illustrates that the cost range in San Antonio is in the lower 25% and is quite reasonable by comparison!

CityMinimum CostAverage CostMaximum Cost
San Francisco, CA5,00012,82821,000
Sacramento, CA3,7507,91713,000
New Orleans, LA3,4006,61511,200
Houston, TX2,6505,91210,350
Los Angeles, CA1,5005,81110,000
Washington, DC2,0005,71312,000
Nashville, TN2,0005,43110,000
Dallas, TX2,5005,23010,000
San Antonio, TX2,0005,07510,000
Denver, CO1,4004,69010,457
Kansas City, MO1,3004,59310,142

Next, these are a few basic guidelines for average pricing for foundation repair. Although this can give you a better idea of what to expect, you should remember that they aren’t specific to your situation and will obviously vary based on your home’s individual needs.

Piers: Price range from $350 to $2,000 is based on an installation at six to eight foot intervals. The pricing will vary based on the type of piers that are needed and the depth to the base rock or equivalent on your property.

Crack Repair: Ranges from $325 to $2,800, but this number depends on the materials that are needed.

City Permit: If your city requires it, the permit can run between $75 and $200

Forensic Structural Engineer: If you request a structural engineer, the price can range between $500 to $1,200

Tunneling: $225 to $300 per foot

Overall, the average cost that is spent on foundation repair in the area falls somewhere around $5,000 to $6,000. For lower-end projects, the cost can be closer to $1,500, but higher-end foundation repair projects can run as much as $12,500. Again, this all depends on a lot of different factors, so it is best to schedule a free on-site consultation to get a more accurate picture of the costs associated with your home’s needs.

Secret for Saving Money on Your Foundation Repair Cost

free foundation inspection
If you’re looking for the secret to saving as much money as possible on your foundation repair while still enjoying effective and permanent results, the secret is simple: Contact us today for our professional, free inspection, and then ask for a consultation from another local contractor. Also, tell the other contractor that we are competing against them for your business! Even though we respect all of our area competitors, we know that our solutions are the most creative, affordable and effective in the area.

We have been in this business for many years now, and we’re ready to earn your trust and satisfaction. Give us a call today at 210-802-2626 to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation. We guarantee you that our skilled technicians will provide you with the best solutions for the most reasonable price.


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